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One of the leading companies in Europe for professional adhesive application equipment. We have more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of adhesive application equipment and hot melt adhesives.
Since 1985 we have specialized in the production and distribution of hot glue devices and accessories.

Our services

Glue guns

A.S. offers professional glue guns for every application, for processing hot melt adhesives in the form of granules, pillows and 43mm cartridges.

Hot melt adhesives

A.S. offers a wide range of thermoplastic adhesives – based on EVA, polyolefin (POL) and polyamide (PA) – in the form of granules, pillows and 43mm cartridges. A large selection of coloured adhesive sticks completes the programme.


Whether nozzles, adapters or storage tripods, we have the right accessories for every glue gun in our range.

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